3 Facts Every Car Accident Victim Should Know About Paying Medical Expenses

Being involved in a car accident can add a whole new level of stress to an already-busy life.  In addition to being in pain and dealing with injury, an injury victim’s worries are often compounded by mounting medical bills, inability to work resulting in lost wages, and the hassle and cost or repairing or replacing a car.   

Who Will Pay My Medical Bills?

Quite simply – at the time of treatment, you or your insurance will pay your medical bills.  The at-fault driver’s insurance will not pay your medical bills as those bills come due.  Instead, the bad driver’s insurance will pay a lump sum settlement, usually several months after all of your medical care has ended.  
Generally, the bad driver’s insurance will pay one check and one check only – the settlement check.  So while the at-fault driver’s insurer is generally be liable to pay the medical bills resulting from the car accident, they typically only pay at the time of settlement.  
Before you reach a settlement, there may be sources to pay medical bills, such as Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or health insurance.  

I Cannot Afford Treatment, What Should I do?

Medical treatment for collision injuries may go on for a while and may be quite expensive, depending on the severity of the injuries. Most cannot afford to pay these bills out of pocket.  For those with no PIP or medical insurance, debt can mount quickly, and often injury victims suffer a major blow to their credit scores as a result.   
An experienced car accident attorney can work to explore options for necessary care, even when there is no money to pay at the time of service.  

What is Personal Injury Protection (PIP)?

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is a coverage option available with car insurance.  PIP pays medical bills irrespective of who was at fault.  (Yes, even if you caused a collision, if you purchased PIP, it will pay your collision-related medical bills).  PIP also applies to cover some wage loss and household services expenses. The insurer will pay all necessary and reasonable medical bills up to the limit of the PIP coverage.  

We are here to help.

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