Significant injuries create significant life impacts.  Below are several examples of clients I have helped.  Call us now to speak with an experienced attorney.

$1.6 million+ (Policy Limits + Personal Assets)
To the family of a man killed in an automobile collision by a driver operating a vehicle despite a known medical condition.

$1,050,000  (Policy Limits)
Settlement for a young man hit by drunk driver who crossed over the center line.

$1,050,000 (Policy Limits)

To a victim of a drunk driving, T-bone collision. 

To the victim of a rollover collision who required revision of his prior cervical spine surgery.

Total awarded to an electrician, injured on two different work sites, sustaining injury to his knee, neck, back, and abdomen.  

To a young paraplegic man who was severely burned when an apartment owner had the water heater set at dangerously hot levels and the victim lowered himself into a scalding bath.

For a traumatic amputation of two fingers when a man volunteering on a clean up project got his hand caught in a tow rope. 

To a man who was injured falling off a ladder as he attempted to help and friend with home repairs. The ladder had a damaged rung which caused him to fall and sustain leg fractures requiring 3 surgeries.

Received by a woman who suffered permanent soft tissue injuries following a collision with a jack-knifed semi truck that entered her lane of travel.

Awarded to a local artist who suffered chronic soft tissue pain following a motor vehicle accident.  We arbitrated that case when the insurer refused to offer a fair value, claiming that the collision was "low speed" and could not have caused significant harm.